Most women are not entirely satisfied with the way they look. It is very important that we remember that nobody is perfect and that we must work with what we have, by focusing on our positive aspects. If a woman deceives herself about the way she looks, she will never look her best, nor learn to emphasise her good features. We need to look at ourselves objectively and make an ongoing decision to look our best by wearing the correct styles. By doing so, we will project a confident image.

Every woman dreams about being well dressed and looking good, however that dream can quickly move out of sight due to a tight budget, dissatisfaction with your body shape or a busy schedule. Soon, we dismiss the thought of looking stylish and leave it for the rich or the thin.

If this is your dream and/or you…..

Colour Coding:

“ not know what colours you must wear
or what colour hair and make-up suit you?”

This is a common issue women struggle with.
I will help you find out what colours suit your skin
tone, hair and eyes the best. I will also recommend
make-up and hair colour

Colour coding: R400 (± 60min) (Price includes notes and colour palette)

Face shape analysis:

“can’t decide what it must look like?”

I will help you determine what face shape
you have and what hairstyle, eyewear,
jewellery and neckline will suit your face
shape the best.

Face shape analysis: R275 (± 60min) (Price includes notes)

Make up and make up lesson:

“..are you often dissatisfied with your
make up or simply do not know how
to apply make up?”

I will teach you how to do make up for your specific
needs and will do your make up for you.

Make up and make up lesson: R300 (±75min) (Price includes notes)

Figure analysis & illusion dressing:

“..don’t know what to wear according
to your figure shape?”

I will determine your problem areas and
teach you how you can loose 5 kg just
by what you wear.

Figure analysis and illusion dressing: R550 (± 60min)  (Price includes notes) 

Personalised wardrobe planning:

“..have a cupboard full of clothes but
have nothing to wear?”

I will help you solve this problem by visiting
your home and helping you mix and match
the clothes you already have and helping
you to know what to buy to fill up your outfits.

Personalised wardrobe planning: R875 (± 180 min)

Special packages:

Package consisting of two image topics: Total cost – 10%

Package consisting of three image topics: Total cost – 15%

Package consisting of four image topics: Total cost – 20%

Full Package (style expression, colour coding, face shape, make up, figure analysis, illusion dressing and wardrobe planning)

R2075 (Price includes workbook, colour palette and light lunch*)

If you answered yes to any of these questions or simply want to know more about the other services I offer, phone me without delay
at: 079 013 7053 or
email me at: or
visit my Facebook group: Juanri Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist

*Light lunch only included for appointments at Studio, 41 Church Street Wellington.
*An Additional travelling Fee will be charged for distances outside the 30km radius from Paarl/Wellington.

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