Knowing the difference between fabrics

When deciding on the look of your dream wedding dress it is very important to keep in mind what fabric will suit your style and design of your dress best. Visit my blog regularly to learn the difference between the different fabrics and how to combine fabrics to create the perfect look for your dress.


Because of the delicate look and feel of chiffon, it is most often used in the making of evening wear, especially as an overlay, for giving an elegant, soft and floating appearance to the dress. Chiffon is a light and sheer fabric and you can find it in different colours and textures.

When visiting a fabric shop you will find two different types of Chiffon, Silk Chiffon or Nylon Chiffon. Silk Chiffon is made from natural materials like cotton or silk while Nylon chiffon fabric is made from a synthetic material such as polyester. Silk Chiffon is more expensive (prices vary from R100p.m to R300 p.m) while Nylon chiffon is less expensive (prices vary from R40p.m to R80p.m). Due to the delicate nature of chiffon it must be very well taken care of. Nylon Chiffon can be hand washed very gently while Silk Chiffon must be dry cleaned and even one single drop of water can leave a mark or stain. Georgette is another type of material that is similar to chiffon, but doesn’t have that smooth and lustrous appearance of chiffon.


Chiffon is a wonderful choice for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. The traditional and romantic look of this whimsical and flowing material makes a bride’s special day even more special.

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