Knowing the difference beteen fabrics Part 2: Duchess Satin

Duchess satin is used extensively for bridal wear and corresponding accessories, due to its pearly sheen and structural stability. The wrinkle-resistant material is also ideal for evening wear and bridesmaids dresses.

Duchess satin is an elegant and lustrous fabric. It is shiny, heavy, luxurious and often used for couture wedding gowns because it drapes well, helping to create full and beautiful skirts.

Duchess satin is usually made from silk fibers, although it can also contain polyester, rayon, or acetate.There are two different types of Duchess Satin. 100% Silk Duchess Satin has a very luxurious and crisp feel but is more expensive and wrinkles easily. Prices vary from R300 to R500 p.m. The less expensive “matte” Duchess Satin might look not as crisp or shiny, yet a properly made gown will be easier to walk in and less likely to wrinkle. ¬†Prices vary from R68 to R180 p.m.

Designers prefer Duchess satin because the skirt keeps its full curves, instead of fluttering, as would a thinner fabric.

Duchess Satin is the perfect fabric to use as the base of you dress underneath your preferred fabric for example chiffon, lace or mesh. It gives structure to the dress and eliminates any unwanted bumps and curves. You can also use it to make up your whole dress as it will create an elegant and rich look.

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