J&B Met 2013 – Made to Fly:

The annual J&B Met is around the corner and every fashionista is running around to find the perfect outfit.

This year the theme is “Made to Fly”. The first thing that comes to my mind is birds and feathers. It is very important to stay away from pencil heel shoes – the racecourse is a predominantly grass and sand walk-about. The best shoes to wear are flats, wedges and sandals. You can wear feathers from your head to your toes if you want to. For the Met you may be a bit over the top but remember to still keep it stylish and fashionable.  Wear feather hair pieces, earrings, rings, boleros, clutch bag and feathers on your shoes. Just stay in the same colour scheme. I love nude coloured feather dresses and accessories that give a vintage feel. Combine nude colours with other pastel colours like duck-egg-green or a contrasting colour like black to give you that ultra classic look. To finish off the look wear Smokey eye shadow and nude lips and ad some feather lashes. It might be hot so keep a feather fan nearby and enjoy it!

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