I think I am falling in…..Lace!!!

If lace is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of weddings, you are going to love this wedding trend for 2012/2013. Yes lace is still a fashion trend for this season, but this time it’s not only your fragile, lightweight, sheer lace. We’re talking structured, large-scale, doily on the coffee table lace.

Lace is leaving its delicate imprint on everything from cakes, creatively made using doily impressions, to invitations, ornamental tableware, lighting, accessories, flowers and of course, the dress. Repeat the off cuts lace used for your dress as a hairpiece, make a big bow around the stems of your bouquet and cover your shoes with the same lace.

Use your grandmothers old ribbon embroidered coffee table cloths on you dress, as your something old. (Go have a look at Anne and Lee’s dresses on my website under Gallery -wedding dresses) For something new – a pair of fashion-forward heels, something borrowed – your moms veil or pearl earrings and something blue – a touch of blue on your lingerie, garter or use blue letters and write “I do” underneath your shoes.



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