How to organise your wardrobe

Do you have a cupboard full of clothes but have nothing to wear? It’s time to make time for your wardrobe. Make sure you have enough time to organize your wardrobe otherwise you will end up throwing everything back into your cupboard.

Get rid of the following:

  • Anything you have not worn for a period of 1-2 years.
  • Items too small or too big.
  • Clothing in the wrong colours.
  • Clothing that is old and worn.
  • Dated styles.
  • Unnecessary duplications of clothing e.g. 4 similar white blouses.
  • Shoes, handbags and jewellery that have not been worn, are dated or are incorrect styles or sizes.


When sorting the clothing, put the clothes aside that can still be used, but just need to be altered for a better fit. Also check whether styles can be updated by changing buttons, collars and lengths. If you are not sure if you must get rid of that dress your mom bought you for the school dance, put it away in a suitcase and after 2 years take it out again and see if you wanted to wear it in the meantime.

How to organize a cupboard:

  • Only keep clothes for the current season in your wardrobe.
  • Hang clothing on separate hangers – one item per hanger, or at the most two skirts per hanger.
  • Organize hanging items in the cupboard to have jackets, blouses, skirts and trousers together.
  • All clothes must be visible within a glance so that it is easier to see mix and match combinations.
  • On shelves, fold all jerseys, t-shirts and other items neatly and keep items of the same sort together.
  • Never pile items too high.
  • Keep smaller items such as socks, pantyhose and underwear in plastic containers or drawers.

If you want to add clothing to your cupboard take the time to visit an image consultant. They will help you to know what style and colour will suit you best and will help you not to buy unnecessary items. Visit my website for a price list.

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