How to get the long and lean legs you always wanted without exercise!!

We all want beautiful lean legs but sometimes it is not that easy to get them. You can make your legs appear longer by just wearing the correct clothing and shoes. Here are a few tips to get those perfect, sexy legs.

Love your legs just the way they are.
Yes I know this is easier said than done, I still struggle with this every day, but if we don’t work with what we have we will be self conscious and even attract more unwanted attention.

Create length by using vertical lines.
Vertical lines in the form of pleats or stripes will make your legs appear longer and narrower. Wear trousers with an ironed pleat running down the middle or your leg or wear trousers with stripes running down.

Avoid horizontal lines/pleats or big, bulky pockets.
You do not want to attract too much attention to your legs if you are self conscious about it. So stay away from bright coloured trousers, trousers with unnecessary pleats and bulky pockets. Keep it plain and simple in dark natural colours like, black, brown, gray, navy blue or a dark coloured denim. Avoid turn-ups if possible as this can make your legs appear shorter.

Avoid skinny jeans.
There is a reason why they are called skinny jeans. Only really, really skinny girls look good in them. Rather wear a bootleg, straight leg or a wide legged trouser or jean.

Make sure your hemline is on the smallest part of your leg.
If your knees are well formed you are allowed to wear a dress or shorts above the knee, otherwise try to keep them covered. Most women look best with the hemline ending just underneath the knee, otherwise just under the broadest part of your calf. Avoid wearing trousers just above the ankles as this will make your legs appear shorter.

Wear the correct shoes.
Shoes can make a big difference. Shoes with a slight sensible heel will make you and your legs appear longer. Stay away from shoes with a lot of horizontal lines at the ankles for example gladiator sandals. Ankle straps can make your legs appear shorter. Try to wear a shoe that is as open as possible to make your leg appear longer and narrower. If you do not want to attract attention to your legs stay with simple shoes in natural colours that matches your hemline colour. Nude coloured shoes will make your legs appear longer.

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