11 Easy Steps To Flawless Make-up.

No matter how young or old you are, sometimes you just feel totally clueless when walking into a make-up store, where to start?

Here are a few tips to make it a bit easier. It is important to go for a make-up lesson at an image consultant or make-up artist to know how to make-up according to your eye and face shape. Visit my website for more information at www.juanri.co.za . Do your make-up in natural light if at all possible.


Make and hair by Juanri Image Consultant & Fashion Designer, Photographer Kim van Zyl

Step 1:

Begin with your eye make-up. The eyes are the most important, like they say your eyes are the window to your soul. To prepare the eye lid, use a primer (no not the one you use to prime your walls).  This will make your eye shadow stay on longer and serves like a foundation for your eye lids. I love M.A.C make-up; they have an eye lid primer that is called Paint Pot. Ask the shop assistant to give you a colour that will suit your skin tone.

Step 2:

Start off using a light coloured eye shadow to add depth to your eye lid. Depending on your eye shape, take a small rounded eye shadow brush and put eye shadow on your eye lid.  It is very important to keep the area just underneath your brow as light as possible with a matt cream eye shadow without shimmers. Go to a professional as this step can make your eyes appear bigger or smaller.

Step 3:

If you are satisfied with the shape you created in Step 2, use a darker coloured eye shadow to create more definition. Begin with natural colours like brown or charcoal brown.

Step 4:

Use eyeliner to line your eyes. Draw it as close as possible to your lash line. Do not over do it, the trick is to create a line that looks natural. I like Rimmel’s Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, it has a small sponge to blend the line and a sharpener.

Step 5:

Mascara is my favorite part, who do not want that sexy lashes that creates a tornado when blinking. Use more on the top than the bottom. Try out a few until you get the perfect mascara.

Step 6:

Wipe off any messed eye shadow or mascara, that’s why it is easier to begin with your eyes and then add the foundation.

Step 7:

Apply foundation using a foundation brush. Make sure your foundation is blended at the jaw line, take a hand mirror and tilt your face, wipe off any excess foundation with a make-up sponge. Ask a make-up shop assistant to help you find the correct colour foundation.

Step 8:

To get rid of a shiny face and to make your foundation appear more natural, apply powder with a powder brush. If you have a more mature face do not apply too much powder as this can make you look older.

Step 9:

Get that beautiful exaggerated cheekbone with a bronzer. Add bronzer just under your cheekbone to create depth. Start off with a bronzer that is not too dark.

Step 10:

Look young and vibrant by using a blusher on your cheekbone but not too close to your nose. Smile when applying blusher with a blusher brush and move the brush in the direction of your ear. Do not over do the blusher, use a rose coloured blusher – it suits most skin tones.

Step 11:

Get the perfect kissable lips by using a lip pencil in a natural rose colour. Draw a soft line on your lip line and blend it with a lipstick in more or less the same colour. To give that extra shimmer add lipgloss.







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